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WAGE EARNER PLAN A nickname for Chapter 13 bankruptcy


The renunciation, abandonment, or surrender of a right, claim, or privilege.


A deed that contains a covenant that the grantor will protect the grantee against any claimant.


Willful destruction of any part of the ;and which would injure or prejudice the landlord's reversionary right


High waterline is the point on the shore to which the tide normally rises; varies. Low waterline is the lowest point of tide, from which the tide does not ebb; varies.


Land areas that are inundated by surface or ground water with sufficient frequency to support vegetable or animal life that requires hydric soils for growth and reproduction.


Application of scientific and technical principles to wildlife populations and habitats so as to maintain such populations for ecological, scientific, or recreational purposes.

WITHDRAWN LANDS (withdrawn public lands)

Public domain held back for the use or benefit of an agency by reservation, withdrawal, or other restrictions for a special government purpose.

WITHOUT RECOURSE Words used in endorsing a note or bill to denote that the future holder is not to look to the endorser in case of nonpayment
WORKOUT The process by which a borrower comes to a mutually acceptable financial arrangement with a lender in order to avoid an impending foreclosure
WRAPAROUND A type of mortgage in which the obligation to pay a second-or later-lien mortgage includes the obligation to pay an earlier-lien mortgage. The later mortgage wraps around the earlier mortgage. Default on the earlier-lien mortgage is automatically a default on the later-lien mortgage
WRAPAROUND LOAN A new loan encompassing any existing loans
WRITE OF EXECUTION A court order authorizing the holder to seize and sell a debtor’s property to pay off a judgment
WRIT OF GARNISHMENT A court order commanding a person who holds assets for another person, such as a banker who holds funds on deposit, and employer who holds a paycheck or a stock broker who holds an account for an investor, to give those assets up to a creditor
WRIT OF POSSESSION A court document that authorizes a constable or other officer of the law to break down a tenant’s door, drag the tenant from the premises and throw the tenant’s belongings out of the house or apartment
WRONGFUL FORECLOSURE A foreclosure that was legally improper and that caused a borrower to suffer damages


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