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Planning and execution of programs to use, improve and maintain land and water areas for the greatest net public benefit, while supporting the assigned mission. Includes forest and wildlife management, agriculture and grazing leasing, outdoor recreation, etc.

LATE PAYMENTS Payments that are made past their due dates according to the loan documents
LAND SALES CONTRACT A document that may be used to sell real property that transfers ownership rights but does not actually transfer title


Location and identification of a parcel of land by a professional surveyor or engineer.


One who rents property to others


A written document by which the owner transfers the rights of use and occupancy of land and/or structures to another person or entity for a specified period of time in return for a specified rental.


The interest or estate which a lessee has in real property by virtue of his lease.

LEASE WITH OPTION TO BUY An arrangement in which the owner of a property rents it to a tenant, but gives the tenant the right to purchase the property on agreed terms


A statement containing a designation by which land is identified according to a system set up by law or approved by law.


Authority to legislate within a geographically defined area; the same as jurisdiction. Types of jurisdiction are exclusive, concurrent, and partial.

LENDER APPROVAL A lender’s agreement to allow an assumption after its review of a borrower’s creditworthiness and income. Lender approval can also apply to an initial loan
LENDER LIABILITY The legal doctrine that holds lenders legally responsible to pay damages for legal misdeeds committed against borrowers in the course of making loans


A person/entity to whom property is rented under terms of a lease.


Interest in land that is less than fee.


A person who rents property under a lease; the landlord.


Any drawback, debt, or obligation. Something that acts as a disadvantage. An obligation or duty that must be performed. The opposite of asset


Authority to enter or use another person's land or property, without possessing estate in it; revocable. Would otherwise constitute a trespass.


A hold or claim which one person has upon the property of another as a security for some debt or charge.

LIENHOLDER A person or institution that controls a lien
LIFE ESTATE The conveyance of title to property of the duration of the life of the grantee
LIFE TENANT The holder of a life estate


Surveyor's linear measure. 1 link = 7.92 in. 100 links = 1 chain (66.6 feet)

LIQUIDATING PLAN A plan by which a borrower repays missed payments to the lender over time
LIQUIDATION APPRAISAL An estimate of the value of property when it is sold quickly in a forced sale. Usually this figure is lower than the fair market value for a regularly conducted sale


A public notice, filed against specific lands, that an action at law is pending that may affect the title to the land.

LISTING AGREEMENT The agreement by which a seller hires a real estate broker to sell a house, usually for a commission


The right of an owner of land with a shoreline contiguous to a sea or lake to use and enjoy the shore without a change in its position created by artificial interference; as distinguished from riparian rights and water rights.

LOAN BALANCE The amount a borrower owes on a loan
LOAN MODIFICATION A procedure in which a loan’s terms, such as the interest rate, monthly payment or term, are altered
LOAN OFFICER A person paid commissions to find and sign up borrowers for loans
LOAN POOL A group of mortgages in which investors own shares
LOAN PROCESSOR The person who gathers and prepares the paperwork used by a lender to decide whether or not a loan should be made


A particular parcel of land; used to refer to an already specified property


A report made by a title company that identifies any encumbrances recorded against a particular property. A lot book report does not identify liens recorded in the name of the owner that may affect property.


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