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FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT A federal law that regulates credit bureaus and credit reports and gives persons certain rights regarding both


Legal term synonymous with MARKET VALUE.

FANNIE MAE See Federal National Mortgage Association
FCL The abbreviation a lender puts on a borrower’s credit record to indicate a foreclosure
FDIC See Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION The corporation set up by the federal government to insure deposits in banks and S&Ls
FEDERAL HOME LOAN MORTGAGE CORPORATION A government-chartered but privately owned corporation that buys mortgages from S&Ls. Also called Freddie Mac
FEDERAL HOUSING ADMINISTRATION An agency of the federal government that regulates many aspects of the real estate industry, and that insures repayment of certain home loans
FEDERAL NATIONAL MORTGAGE ASSOCIATION A government-chartered but privately owned corporation that buys mortgages from mortgage companies. Also called Fannie Mae

A corporation formerly run by the federal government that insured deposits in S&Ls; FDIC took over this function

FSLIC deposit insurance funds, what were left of them, were transferred to an FDIC fund called Savings Association Insurance Fund, SAIF for short


When applied to property, an inheritable estate in land.


The most comprehensive ownership of real property known to law; the largest bundle of ownership rights possible in real estate. Fee simple title is sometimes referred to as "the fee".


An estate or interest in land which cannot be conveyed but which must descend to the heirs of the holder; abolished in most states

FHA MORTGAGE LOAN Mortgage loan insured by the Federal Housing Administration
FHA GUIDELINES Rules that specify income and credit requirements for a borrower, and the condition and value of a property to allow an insured loan of a particular size
FHLBB See Federal Home Loan Bank Board
FHLMC See Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation
FIRST LIEN Debt recorded first against a property


The mortgage on property that is superior in right to any other mortgage.


A chattel which is affixed to and becomes a part of real property.

FNMA See Federal National Mortgage Association
FORBEARANCE A lender voluntarily accepts payments that are lower than originally agreed in the loan documents for a limited period of time in order to allow the borrower to recover financially. The borrower must eventually repay the missing or reduced payments, as well as all the other remaining payments on the loan


Procedure whereby property pledged as security for a debt is sold to pay the debt in event of default in payments or terms.


Excess real property located outside the U.S., Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, the Trust Territory of Pacific Islands, or Virgin Islands. May not include timber or installed equipment. Check regulations for definition of real estate at each location: Japan USARJ 405-1; Korea USFK 405-7; Europe USAREUR 405-8.


Loss of money, property, or the right to property by failure to act or by negligent or improper action. Property lost is called a forfeiture.

FOR SALE BY OWNER(FSBO) A property being marketed by its owner without the help of a real estate broker.


The intentional perversion of truth to deceive another person, whereby that person acts upon it to his legal injury.

FREDDIE MAC See Federal Home Loan Mortgage


An estate in fee simple or for life.

FREEZE ORDER See automatic stay


One foot along the street frontage of a property

FSA A designation for Federal Savings Association
FSBO See For sale by owner
FSLIC See Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation
FULL ASSUMPTION An arrangement in which a buyer takes title to the house and takes over the payments on the seller’s old loan with the full permission of the lender, which evaluates the buyer’s ability to show adequate income and creditworthiness by the lender’s traditional standards. The process of obtaining lender approval is called qualifying


A loss in value of an improvement due to functional inadequacies, often caused by age or poor design. For example, functional obsolescence may be attributable to such things as outmoded plumbing or fixtures, inadequate closet space, poor floor plan, excessively high ceilings or antiquated architecture. Thus a warehouse with nine foot ceilings would probably suffer a loss in value because a modern forklift could not operate in such a small space.


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