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Securities Backed Rental Properties. Where have we heard this before? Wall Street is still epitomizing the "Pac Man" mentality and gobbling up any profit baring opportunities that arise.  We are already seeing foreshadowing from these firms that are re-monopolizing themselves and becoming real estate slumlords. A perfect example: Carrington Investment Partners, the former supporter of sub-prime giant, New Century Mortgage. They are purchasing a large portion of the nation's foreclosures in bulk. How does a company that played a huge part in accelerating the sub-prime crash become a major player in buying distressed assets? The problem is systemic. Though the government and regulators have vocalized the end of "Too Big To Fail," their actions say otherwise.

So what happens to the average investor? Are they too late to the game? Are their resources considered scarce when comparing them to these behemoth firms? It may be time to accept that real estate has now become a commodity that is being traded like stocks. There is a clear shift in how the real estate industry is unfolding; without the correct resources, you may be seeing lower returns and potentially higher risk. It is time to re-think one's strategy for the future and how one would like it to unfold.

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Current Market News

"...Housing experts worry that the trend could backfire if private equity magnates amass vast tracts of rental homes only to become white-glove slumlords. "That is the big part of the concern," says Tom Deyo, the deputy director for national initiatives NeighborWorks America. "These investments in rental homes need to be seen as investments in communities, not just has data points on some spreadsheet."" more.

"...Give the new top tax rates for capital gains, dividends and other income, what are the best strategies now for saving for retirement and drawing down assets in retirement?" more.


Job Growth

"...Construction, one of the hardest-hit industries during the recession, amounts to 15% of overall job growth in the past six months. Freddie Mac chief economist Frank Northaft said, "...supported by low mortgage rates, we expect more homes to be built in 2013 than in any year since 2007." more.



JOBS ACT: From an accredited investors' point of view, the JOBS Act will (a) boost the supply of private-company investment opportunities and alternative investment funds, like venture capital and hedge funds…”….read more.

2013 Predictions

"What is leading the market is inventories - and inventories have been on a downward trajectory for well over two years. Here in California, there was roughly 7 months of supply on the market two years ago; today supple has dropped to 3 months - nearly as tight an inventory as during the height of the housing bubble in 2005. The recovery was in the works well before prices started to rise at their current heady pace." more.


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CCFG Investments

Self-Direct Your Retirement

CCFG Investments has established an alliance with The Entrust Group, a premiere Self-Directed Retirement Plan Administration Company, to offer clients a solution to "unlock" their IRAs by maximizing their investment options within their retirement plans. Our representative Ryan Rippy can help you identify your investment opportunities and show you how to implement them successfully within your retirement plan while paying little or no taxes! For more information, please feel free to contact Ryan at For more information on The Entrust Group, please visit their website:


New Services

     CCFG Investments conducts in house document preparations by providing necessary disclosure and loan documents for each individual investment. After the investment has been funded, we service each loan to maturity. More specifically, we manage all payments coming in and capital disbursements going out. For more information on these services, please feel free to contact us. Our contact information is provided in the following link.


CCFG Investment Fund, LLC

     CCFG Investment Fund, LLC is a real estate investment fund that caters to accredited investors who are looking to invest in a diversified real estate portfolio with double digit returns. We have posted information on our website at By clicking on the "Fund" tab, you can find our downloadable brochure and Q&A for your personal viewing.

     For additional information, please feel free to contact the email listed at the bottom of the "Fund" page online as we will respond within 24/hrs with any questions or concerns you may have.


CCFG Investments provides alternative financing solutions for real estate investors, developers, and investment property owners. Our creative and flexible lending programs are the direct result of our involvement in more than 500 million dollars of real estate.

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