Partner Program

What is our Partner Program?

CCFG Investments is proud to present our PARTNER program to our affiliate and referral partners.  This is currently available only to California transactions.

Our Partner program is available for real estate professionals, rehabbers, brokers, investors and others that need assistance in FUNDING projects/real estate transactions in the state of California.  (We don’t do consumer loans – no owner occupied loans).

If you are in need of CAPITAL for a particular project or need assistance in closing a transaction such as proper documentation or review, we are here to offer our services. .  (We don’t do consumer loans – no owner occupied loans).

Here are lists of services we offer

1)      Funding for your projects/transactions

2)      Underwriting for your transactions

3)      Doc prep and compliance

4)      Loan servicing and Asset Management

5)      Consulting


How does it work?

If you are currently conducting real estate transactions as a broker, realtor, lender, investor, rehabber, and developer; you most likely will come across a transaction where you will need capital or assistance to close your deal.   We can provide a multitude of services to assist you.  In some cases you may have the buyer short some cash and you may have someone that would lend him the money but you may not have the expertise to structure the transaction.  We can offer our services to help you close these transactions.  In other cases, you may have the buyer but you need the capital.  And another situation you have the capital but not the buyer.  Well, we can help you in any of these circumstances.


 What if I bring a deal to you what do I get paid?

If you bring a potential transaction to us and if it fits our company’s parameters, you can potentially keep the majority of the fees.  We view each transaction on a case by case basis
and charge our fees accordingly.


Who dictates the fees?

We have our basic underwriting fees on all transactions; however it is up to the referring agent to negotiate the fees.  We typically charge from 1 to 3 points depending on the risk of the transaction.   These are on transactions that we FUND with our company’s capital.


If I bring the deal to you and the investor how does it work and how do I get paid?

In this case, we would underwrite the loan, process the loan, QC the file, and service the loan.  We would charge a flat fee of $1500.  However we would need to use your Real Estate Broker license and you would be paid out of escrow.  You would need to negotiate the fees with your borrower.


What if I bring you an investor?  How do I get paid?

It depends on what the investor invests in and the new compliance laws.  In most cases in the state of California a licensed Real Estate Broker can receive a referral fee.


CCFG Investments provides alternative financing solutions for real estate investors, developers, and investment property owners. Our creative and flexible lending programs are the direct result of our involvement in more than 500 million dollars of real estate.

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