CCFG Investments focuses on transactions that need specialized solutions in order to close in a timely manner.  Whether it is to save a purchase transaction or a complex transaction requiring multiple special requirements to satisfy legal issues with partners, spouses or existing lender situations, we can provide solutions to expedite the close. We have first hand experience and know how to successfully negotiate a structure that is amenable for all parties involved, even the most adversarial situations.


Lending Criteria:

     Loan Size
: From $100,000 up to $5,000,000, and above on a case by case basis.

: California urban and suburban only.

Starting from 8.99% - and Starting at 2 points. 

1-5 years, interest only.

     Purchase: Value is based on the actual purchase.

     Refinance: Value is based on CCFG Investments opinion of the appraised value of real estate for refinances. We use our own appraiser review process and may require a site inspection. 

     Rehab: Value will be based on after repaired or future value.

: We offer blanket loans and include points, fees and may include an interest reserve into the loan and multiple income sources may be considered.  We will review each individual investment to best fit your needs and reserve Creative Real Estate Financial Solutions for those who need it.


    Due Diligence: 
Generally a deposit isn’t required; unless there are unique legal issues or extraordinary due diligence is necessary prior to the loan being approved. When applicable, the upfront deposit is fully refundable, less expenses (approximately $1,000 - $2,500).



CCFG Investments provides alternative financing solutions for real estate investors, developers, and investment property owners. Our creative and flexible lending programs are the direct result of our involvement in more than 500 million dollars of real estate.

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In today’s environment, professional account management is more crucial than ever. Constant oversight and communication with Borrower and Lender are necessities to maintain the viability of your transactions. We know that your clients are the heart of your business; we also know that bookkeeping and daily customer service can keep you out of your point of sale.
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With investment property loan rates at all time lows, there is not better time than now to refinance an your investment property. There are many benefits associated with investment property refinance. However, as with all financial decisions, you should carefully evaluate your situation before making that choice.
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As a direct lender, CCFG Investments specializes in short-term loans secured by residential and commercial real estate. Our knowledge of the real estate marketplace allows us to fund transactions that often do not meet the strict underwriting criteria of traditional lenders. Understanding that no two transactions are identical
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